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To explain what an expat mortgage is, we should first explain what it means to be an expat. An expat is someone who’s currently residing in a country that they’re not a national of. You’re a UK expat if you’re from the UK but live abroad.

An expat mortgage is a mortgage you’d take out on a property in the UK while you’re a UK expat – i.e. a UK national living abroad. This is different from an overseas mortgage, which is where you take out a mortgage for a property that’s not in the UK but overseas.

Do You Need an Expat Mortgage Broker?

Most high street lenders don’t offer expat mortgages because they can’t easily credit search applicants who aren't in the UK, therefore you’ll need the assistance of an experienced mortgage broker.

We have helped several UK expats arrange mortgages for properties in the UK. Being whole of market we have access to expat mortgage lenders not available on the high street that can take into account complex income structures like family trusts, offshore investments, international wealth and multi-currency income profiles.

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