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Property Finance For Sports Professionals

This is a much more niche area of mortgage lending, at DWG we have experience of how your sporting career works. We have previously secured property finance for both national and internationally based sports players buying property in the UK.

Specialising in sports professionals’ mortgages means knowing how sports players income is made up, from short term contracts to appearance bonuses and win bonuses as well as subsidiary income from advertising and TV work. We work with sportsmen and women throughout their entire career. We work with players receiving theorist professional contract through to clients nearing sports retirement age that may be going into paid TV or coaching work.

Mortgages for you in your sporting profession will include homes for you and your family to live in, second homes you will stay in occasionally, property investment loans for property you will rent out.

At DWG we can also work with sports players to educate them about the opportunities property can bring with regards to income post retirement as property can provide an income through rental and property development.

We guarantee expert advice, integrity and complete discretion in everything we do.

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